College Students Can Find Purpose at the Greenwood Film Festival

Hey, College Students!

In the midst of all those stacks of notes and empty ramen noodle cups is a college student who is searching for direction, passion, and purpose. We’ve been there too, trying to figure out who we are and where we’re going. Though those answers don’t come easy, we can help! Greenwood Film Festival opens up the doors to the world through film. From exploring the adversities of young black males in school to the raising up of a new generation of black pilots in Tuskegee, our films expound on the rich history and culture of our community through our eyes.

GFF gives way for our voices to be heard and experiences to be shared. It’s much more than watching a movie at a theater with popcorn and soda. (Although sometimes that’s what we need.) But GFF is the conversation starter, sparking inspiration and community. It’s the space for our culture to thrive unapologetically. It’s the experience you don’t wanna miss!

What can you expect? You can expect genuine laughter, fun, and connection as we curate the space for all our guests to be free and thrive. Our intention is to share our love through truth and truthful storytelling, so bring your best, your honesty, and your openness because we are holding nothing back to create an experience for you like no other. So step over those takeout boxes and join us and others like you this summer in Black Wall Street aka Tulsa, Oklahoma August 2-6, 2023. We’ll see you there! 

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