Greenwood Film Festival is bringing the dynamic and engaging Let’s Build Series, moderated by Greenwood Film Festival’s founder, Dennis Delemar. The panels will feature people like Dr. Lester Shaw of A Pocket Full of Hope, Richard Baxter of Negro Spiritual 121, other filmmakers, producers, and community influencers.

The focus of Let’s Build is to go deep within the creatives’ minds to forge plans of action that reverberate throughout the film industry and black communities. Topics to look forward to including:

  • Films’ effect on the black community.
  • The status of black people in the film industry.
  • How can we gain ownership?
  • How can we come together?
  • How can we create a Black Wall Street in the film industry?
  • Can we own our content and be profitable?
  • How can we create lasting change?
  • What’s our next move?

We are excited to see you there!