The 2nd Annual Greenwood Film Festival is Coming

The 2021 inaugural festival was an electric experience, and the Greenwood Film Festival is excited to announce its back for another year!

GFF roots will extent deeper as this years theme is Freedom.

We’re searching for stories that librate us and help set us free.

Founder – Dennis Delemar

GFF has also added new sponsors. Those include FilmStro, a software that allows you to score your own film. ShotLister, an Industry shot scheduling app that allows you to easily build a shot list. Studiobinder is an invaluable tool for our production workflow. WriterDuet is a cloud-based professional screenwriting software where you can plan, write, and share your work hassle-free. Used by over 1 million screenwriters, WriterDuet gives you the ability to collaborate in real-time from any device so that you can bring your story to life with anyone – anytime, anywhere.

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