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At Greenwood Film Festival, we use film to prepare the way for true liberation and freedom. We look for fresh films that expose the ills of society, challenge us, force us to grow, speak truth to power, make us laugh and empower. GFF is a premiere black film festival where you need to be!

Based in the home of Black Wall Street, in Tulsa Oklahoma, the festival remembers and keeps alive the lessons learned from the rise and fall of the Greenwood District. These revelations propel us to screen films & lead discussions that tackle issues within society in a relatable manner that inspires people to search for the Truth.

Our festival desires to build up and equip the next generation of storytellers, creatives and visionaries to be who they were created to be. The festival invites audiences to experience riveting films that will elevate, challenge, and empower.

  • February 1, 1910

    The Atkinsons'

    Right before the launch of the inaugural festival in June 2021, GFF founder, Dennis Y. Delemar found out that he had roots in Tulsa. Turns out, his Great-Great Granddad came to Tulsa from North Carolina and lived in Tulsa in 1910, close to the height of Black Wall Street!

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  • March 10, 2008

    The Call of Dennis Y. Delemar

    Dennis 'Yahuchasad' Delemar is a southern man born and raised in New Bern, North Carolina. From 1997 to 2004, Dennis faced extreme physical and mental abuse from his father. Pushed to the brinks of suicide or murder, his good friend brought him a little green journal for him to write his thoughts down. Dennis's pen not only helped him to escape the pain, but his journal entries turned into poetry; and poetry turned into many spoken word performances, scripts, and forgiveness for his father.

    Years later, Dennis began pursuing a professional football career until March 10, 2008, when a powerful experience at the CSU's cafeteria changed his life forever. Dennis received a prophetic message from Elohim through a complete stranger who expressed that there were great things to come; so, Dennis decided to quit football and charter the unknown in faith.

    He has since produced numerous film projects that touch on topics such as mental illness, the black American experience, and religious deception. Being that his subject matter coverage is vital to the community, a festival like GFF was much needed.

    Dennis Delemar College Football
  • October 14, 2014

    Dennis Moves To Tulsa

    In 2014, Dennis started writing a script for Black Wall Street but was missing key pieces of the history and context. His friend said that he knew someone in Tulsa who would be a great resource. That person was none other than Princetta Newman. For starters, Princettas' grandmother lived through the Tulsa Race Massacre. Newman has collected 1500 photographs of life in the Greenwood District, before and after the race massacre. 145 of them are on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

    After having a phone call or two with Princetta, Dennis decided to fly to Tulsa with about $400 to his name, and a calling from the Elohim. After many conversations with historians and first-hand witnesses of the early 1900s, the vision became clearer and clearer.

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  • June 12, 2021

    Greenwood Film Festival Launches

    Dennis and his wife Danielle launch during a pandemic and the 100th year centennial of the Black Wall Street Massacre. The response was electric, screening over 12 films from black filmmakers from across the globe.

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  • June 12, 2021

    Black Wall Street: An American Nightmare

    Dennis Y. Delemar's film, would first premiere in Raleigh North Carolina before coming to Tulsa to a sold out audience. The film was well received, and was the highlight of the inaugural film festival.

    Gurley 1.61.1
  • April 3, 2022

    GFF Launches Spring Film Camp

    GFF launches a spring film camp in which high school and middle school students help write and direct a film within a week. That film would go on the premiere at the 2nd Annual Greenwood Film Festival.

    gff writing class 6
  • June 8, 2022

    2nd Annual Greenwood Film Festival

    GFF nearly doubles is films screened, with films from across the world. The festival also makes a impact on the youth with its interactive film classes. the 2nd Annual sets GFF on a course for a dynamic 3rd year!

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