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Our History
Greenwood Film Festival plans to bring a dynamic experience that merges film, art, and civic discourse to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The enduring legacy of “Black Wall Street” serves as a launchpad for visionaries and innovators, alike, to build relationships that strengthen the black community for generations to come. In connection to its history, Greenwood Film Festival plans to bring a dynamic experience that merges truth, film, art, and civic discourse to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2022. It will use film to showcase pioneers of today, by unearthing lessons from the past to inspire unity, freedom and ownership in the future.

Based in Tulsa, the GFF team includes individuals who have dedicated their work to serving the Tulsa Community and building up & empowering its people. Beginning with its founder, writer, and director, Dennis Delemar, who is tackling the position of bringing the Black Wall Street story to the big screen.

In 2014, Dennis started writing a script for Black Wall Street but was missing key pieces of the history and context. His friend said that he knew someone in Tulsa who would be a great resource. That person was none other than Princetta Newman. For starters, Princettas’ grandmother lived through the Tulsa Race Massacre. Newman has collected 1500 photographs of life in the Greenwood District, before and after the race massacre. 145 of them are on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.


Princetta is a living library for the history of the Negro Wall Street of America.


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After having a phone call or two with Princetta, Dennis decided to fly to Tulsa with about $400 to his name, and a calling from the Elohim. After many conversations with historians and first-hand witnesses of the early 1900s, the vision became clearer and clearer.

During his three years in Tulsa, Dennis saw that a launchpad for filmmakers was needed, one that reached into the past to learn from ancestors’ successes and failures, to march towards freedom.

Right before the launch of the inaugural festival in June 2021, Dennis found out that the roots and desire for Tulsa was not a coincidence. It was in his DNA. Turns out, his Great-Great Granddad came to Tulsa from North Carolina and lived in Tulsa in 1910, close to the height of Black Wall Street!

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Our Mission
GFF encourages everyone to learn continually, to live boldly, and love generously.

At Greenwood Film Festival, the mission is to showcase stories of truth that help break down the internalized stigmas. We encourage collaboration amongst creatives & visionaries towards ownership and building up the black presence in the Tulsa film community. Built on 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤔𐤏 (Yahusha), the Living Word, GFF screens films & leads discussions that tackle issues within the black community in a relatable manner that inspires people to search for the Truth.

The festival invites audiences to experience a shared space of ideas, giving way for creative minds to flow freely. By sharing black stories with each other and with the world, GFF encourages everyone to learn continually, to live boldly, and to love generously.

Our Founder
Often times the black experience is defined by our trauma and is weaponized against us.

Dennis ‘Yahuchasad’ Delemar is a southern man born and raised in New Bern, North Carolina. From 1997 to 2004, Dennis faced extreme physical and mental abuse from his father. Pushed to the brinks of suicide or murder, his good friend brought him a little green journal for him to write his thoughts down. Dennis’s pen not only helped him to escape the pain, but his journal entries turned into poetry; and poetry turned into many spoken word performances, scripts, and forgiveness for his father.

Years later, Dennis began pursuing a professional football career until March 10, 2008, when a powerful experience at the CSU’s cafeteria changed his life forever. Dennis received a prophetic message from Elohim through a complete stranger who expressed that there were great things to come; so, Dennis decided to quit football and charter the unknown in faith.

He has since produced numerous film projects that touch on topics such as mental illness, the black American experience, and religious deception. Being that his subject matter coverage is vital to the community, a festival like GFF was much needed.

      Often times the black experience is defined by our trauma and is weaponized against us. This is why GFF exists,  to combat that mentality with inspiration and power, one film at a time.

Delemar is also an Israelite, who believes in Yahusha The Messiah.

Our Team
A team serving and building up to empowering people.

Dennis Y. Delemar Founder & Executive Director

Danielle Sells Program Coordinator & Marketing Director

Barbara Thompson Program Coordinator

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