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GFF uses film to prepare the way for true liberation and freedom.

We screens fresh films that expose the ills of society, challenge us, force us to grow, speak truth to power, make us laugh and empower. Based in the home of Black Wall Street, in Tulsa Oklahoma, the festival remembers and keeps alive the lessons learned from the rise and fall of the Greenwood District.

Films + Discussions

Voices of this Generation

GFF is propelled to screen films & lead discussions that tackle issues within society in a relatable manner that inspires people to search for the Truth. The festival invites audiences to experience riveting films that will elevate, challenge, and empower.

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Bring Stories To Life

GFF Launches Film School

Our festival desires to build up and equip the next generation of storytellers, creatives and visionaries to be who they were created to be. Are you ready to bring to life characters that are iconic and elevate people’s lives for the better?

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Press Room

Green Film Festival and Cherokee

The Cherokee Nation Film Office is proud to be a sponsor of the inaugural Greenwood Film Festival as it sets a new tone in honoring...

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