Stories of Truth. Stories of Freedom.

Greenwood Film Festival is a premiere black film festival that showcases stories of truth that help break down the internalized stigmas. GFF offers a dynamic experience that merges film, art, and civic discourse, and serves as a launchpad for visionaries and innovators.

Join us for our 2nd Annual festival June 8-12, 2022 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Day 1 - June 8

Greenwood Film Festival 2022

Day 2 - June 9

Greenwood Film Festival 2022

Day 3 - June 10

Day 5 2

Day 5 - June 12

Day 5 1

The Events

BTS: Series
June 8-9
June 8, 10, 12
Industry Expo + Mixer
June 12
Indie Screenings
June 8-10. 12
Prayer Brunch
June 11
Greenwood Film Festival 2022
Festival founder Dennis Delemar and his team of curators are the most innovative, gracious, kind, talented, skillful, patient, and fun hosts around. I am personally extremely grateful to have represented from Brooklyn, NY at the lovely Circle Cinema in Tulsa for the festival events.
Lawerence Watford, Director
It was a privilege to attend the inaugural Greenwood Film Festival. The event ran smoothly, the panels provided gave great insight into the film industry from many angles, and overall provided a great space for up and coming filmmakers to display their work.
Dominick Bedasse

Festival News

Green Film Festival and Cherokee
Cherokee Film Office and GFF
The Cherokee Nation Film Office is proud to be a sponsor of the inaugural Greenwood Film Festival as it sets a new tone in honoring and suppo...