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Collaboration is Essential to Growth


March 29, 2023


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Sometimes for independent filmmakers, it feels like the weight is on their shoulders. And in a lot of aspects, it’s true because no one else is going to make your film for you. You are the glue of the film, you are the go to person, the head honcho. Heck, you may be the writer, director, cinematographer, and even the actor. It goes without saying that making a movie comes with many challenges and unforeseen obstacles. But challenges are meant to be overcome and obstacles are meant to be climbed over.

So how can this load be lightened? Through collaboration. From your mom to your good friend that has some hours to spare, or reconnecting with that one actor who worked on your film years prior, the possibilities are somewhat endless. The truth is that there’s not always a skilled crew within arms reach or within budget or time constraints. But the value of having a helping hand on set is not always limited to skill or expertise, but in the belief and commitment the person has to your project and most importantly you. Someone who’s willing to take time out of their lives, follow your lead, and help you produce your film goes far beyond someone who’s skilled that’s not all that interested in you or the film. Now, does this mean you can’t pay your helping hand in someway. Of course not, but the relationship and collaboration builds deeper roots than any simple transaction. You learn patience, they learn sacrifice. You learn vulnerability through sharing your creative space with someone, and they learn how to nurture the vision someone else is given. Collaboration: it’s an art, it’s a skill, it’s a gift that continues to give and bear fruit. So for all the filmmakers out there, don’t despise asking for help when you need it and don’t forget to use what you have or who you know, because that next film is calling and the Greenwood Film Festival is waiting to help you share it!

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