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Now & Future of Film


February 1, 2023


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TThe future of film begins with the voices of today who hold the rich history of now in their hands.

The youth are the fresh minds who view the world with different lenses as they’ve grown up with technology and information, more access and resources to knowledge and social awareness. They are the NOW and the FUTURE. Their stories will record history and experiences for generations to come to learn from. The responsibility of authenticity is not limited to the thoughts in one’s mind, but it is a gift that has to be given, a package that must be shipped. Because the receiver, whether knowingly or unknowingly, is waiting for that prayer to be answered, for that word that is telling them to Go. To take the next step toward life, toward fulfillment, toward an uncontained and unreserved footing and place in this world where the light refuses to be hidden.

This catalyst is exactly what the Greenwood Film Festival aims to cultivate each year as we welcome all generations of the community to participate in this uplifting experience through film. And this year is no different. Be sure to look out for event updates for this year’s Greenwood Film Festival in Tulsa, Oklahoma, taking place August 2-6, 2023. We look forward to seeing you there!

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